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About Digihood

Our mission is not just to create one website after another, but to help clients succeed in the digital world. We want to cooperate with clients in the long term and develop in the same way as they develop.

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Milan a Josef


Josef and Milan are the heart of Digihood. Thanks to their excellent leadership, our agency has the trust of many clients, who then like to work with us for a long time. Many since the beginning of our existence, that is 8 years. We were still called Wedesin.

At the very beginning, Josef worked as a freelancer with experience from a digital agency in Great Britain. Later he took in Milan, then Honza, Roman, Eva and others. We are gradually growing and today ours is already formed.

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Our motivation

We believe that what unites us with you is that you have also built your own business, for which you have created and you constantly have more ideas, strength and desire to move forward. But you need partners professionals who will help you orient yourself in digital trends, you can turn to them with confidence and they will be sure to give you good advice.

And thats what we enjoy, following current trends and constantly improving what we do. We never learn everything, but we always try to do our best. And we care about the result. Thats why clients turn to us and thats why we manage to maintain longterm relationships with them.

Our Expert and Skilled Team

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Digihood CEO

Josef Antoš

Senior Backend Developer

Milan Pišna

Senior Frontend Developer

Jan Rubeš

Junior Backend Developer

Filip Černý


Věra Černá

Website Proofreader

Viola Richterová

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