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Analytika návštěvnosti webu

What is a web analytics and what is it good for

Web analytics is a perfect tool for getting feedback about performance of your website. It collects very valuable data about website visitors and evaluates them, so it helps you to set your online marketing strategy. From quality data analysis you can get very important information such as what can you do to make your website more effective. Web data analysis allows you to understand web visitors behavior. They are being used information just like number of visitors and visits, where do they came from, what do they do there, how many time do they spend there and which buttons they clicked. It is also very necessary to evaluate marketing campaigns and then optimizing.



we will talk about your needs and requests, define key metrics and set conversions

we will set up meaningfull measuring, create segments of users, define important events and work out reports

we will propose changes on your website or business model and optimize campaigns

we will measure impacts of changes and show you what helps to improve your business results


The basis for the possibility of web analytics use is to set up measuring the website and tagging of all campaigns and other visit sources. We can make a proposal of what you need to measure and what you have to do for it. We can also think out total web analysis with detail interpretation of suggestions for improvement. Everything will be explained to you and we will teach you to understand the data. If you are interested about regular reporting, we can send you reports every day, week or month.

measure and evaluate reactions of internet users on your commercial campaigns help you to understand visitors behavior and to offer them what they need allow you to test new content and functions make costs reducing and revenue increasing easier will ensure knowledge of important information about website performance and help to detect unwanted outages and bugs give you information abou how to make user experience better

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We have the best experts in the industry.


We use our own ideas and initiatives.


We always help our clients.


When we analyze websites, we are thinking as well as your potential customer.


Thanks to many years of experience, we work fast and efficiently.


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I can recommend the Digihood services to anyone. I have trusted them with work on my website and I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of work and communication on their part. I was regularly informed about the progress and important tasks that were currently being done, which was very important for me. I will always go for them with my other projects.

– Ing. Jakub Žižka

I have two years experience with Digihood as a client. I have seen a lot in IT which is why I am so thrilled by working with them. We have built an original e-commerce site together on a WordPress platform and even though we have changed the task several times, they have always found a solution for us. They respond quickly, they are fair, reliable and the price/performance ratio is quite unique for Czech standards. I am directing all my client to them for any website build or maintenance. Whoever needs a reliable partner and does not want their website project to turn into a nightmare should become Digihoods client.

Romana Voříšková

– Romana Voříšková

I am happy to recommend the Digihood team. The are the people at the right place, they do not make fools out of you and the always explain everything correctly. They are true to their word and they are completely honest and serious partner and I appeciate that.

– Ferdinand Leffler, Flera s.r.o.

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