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Do you want to attract visitors to your website without using paid advertising? Digihood will ensure you to provide successful search engine optimization to improve ranking .

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Website SEO generally involves many actions. At the beginning, it is necessary to select the most beneficial ones by determining the effectiveness of individual options. During the initial consultation, we will set your goals together and choose the best way to achieve your goals. Do you already know what SEOrelated investments are worthwhile?

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Keyword analysis is a very important part of website optimization. It serves as a basis for the content strategy, reveals the presence of landing pages and other factors. It is practically impossible to perform SEO services without keyword analysis. Do you already have yours?

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The key components of SEO management are ongoing control over search rankings, quality and quantity of backlinks, and recommendations for the creation of fresh, highquality content.

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We also have experience with SEO settings for large eshop platforms such as Shoptet or WooCommerce. Nowadays, the majority of eshop clients conduct product searches and comparisons, making search engine optimization for estores practically mandatory.

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For already existing sites, it is necessary to check their status from SEO viewpoint. There could be some mistakes on the pages (in crawling robots, duplicates, broken links, missing basic page descriptions, etc.) .As well as most important to check website loading speed, image size and loading method, and more.

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Optimized texts are the absolute basis of success in todays digital age. Proper SEO copywriting is the key to effective search engine rankings.

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Search engine optimization is the key to success in the internet world. At Digihood we are experts at how to propose a balanced solution, we are well aware which modifications will be worthwhile for you and which would not be beneficial

We offer a complete range of SEO services. If you havent researched this topic yet, then lets start with an initial consultation where you will learn what benefits search engine optimization can offer.

How Digihoods SEO Services Work


We get to know your field

At the beginning, we will find out everything important about your field. We must know how your business works and what future goals you have.


We will reveal the potential

We will evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of your website. We will do an SEO audit for you then you will get to know how your website is performing currently.


We will select priority SEO services

You will save time and money if you first prioritize the tasks you complete on the website. You will discover what works and what doesnt.


We will set up reporting

Well build up your goaltracking system together and identify your competitors.

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Why are SEO services important?

Nowadays, every website owner should know the importance of search engine optimization. Did you know that 93% of all internet activity starts with a search?

Where you appear in search results and how you attract potential visitors reflects your websites SEO status. Thanks to a correctly set SEO service strategy, we will help you achieve your business goals.

About us

About Digihood

We have many years of experience in the SEO field. We dont just tick off completed tasks, we really try to help clients succeed in the digital world.

The success of our valuable clients is everything for us. We are like their good neighbors who are always happy to help each other. We care about them as much as we care about doing our job well.

Our clients testimonials.

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I can recommend the Digihood services to anyone. I have trusted them with work on my website and I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of work and communication on their part. I was regularly informed about the progress and important tasks that were currently being done, which was very important for me. I will always go for them with my other projects.

– Ing. Jakub Žižka

I have two years experience with Digihood as a client. I have seen a lot in IT which is why I am so thrilled by working with them. We have built an original e-commerce site together on a WordPress platform and even though we have changed the task several times, they have always found a solution for us. They respond quickly, they are fair, reliable and the price/performance ratio is quite unique for Czech standards. I am directing all my client to them for any website build or maintenance. Whoever needs a reliable partner and does not want their website project to turn into a nightmare should become Digihoods client.

Romana Voříšková

– Romana Voříšková

The guys from Digihood has always been of great support in my projects. They are true to their word. Thanks to that you can always count on them. They always double check the task to make sure it works exactly as intended. There is never any confusion in terms of the project development which ensures that the project goes forward smoothly. That is definitely not a standard.

– Zuzana Dobšíčková, copywriter and lecturer

I am happy to recommend the Digihood team. The are the people at the right place, they do not make fools out of you and the always explain everything correctly. They are true to their word and they are completely honest and serious partner and I appeciate that.

– Ferdinand Leffler, Flera s.r.o.

Who will help you with SEO?

Members of our digital team

Digihood CEO

Josef Antoš

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Viola Richterová

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Our satisfied clients

Our clients are both startup entrepreneurs and large corporations. We deal with SEO continuously and systematically. We celebrate successful projects together because of collaboration.

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We are always glad to see our customers happy and satisfied. And thats basically all the time. It encourages more productive work. When we enjoy doing something, we perform better and efficiently.

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