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Online course by Ferdinand

The eshop presents an online course for amateur garden architects, thanks to which everyone can create their own garden project.

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Assignment completed

Unique website concept

Option to purchase the course directly on the website

Emphasis on clarity and intuitive control of course elements

Implementation of payment gateway, invoicing system, gift vouchers and other functions

Integrated online eshop of perennials


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Josef Antoš

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I am happy to recommend the Digihood team. The are the people at the right place, they do not make fools out of you and the always explain everything correctly. They are true to their word and they are completely honest and serious partner and I appeciate that.

– Ferdinand Leffler, Flera s.r.o.

The guys from Digihood has always been of great support in my projects. They are true to their word. Thanks to that you can always count on them. They always double check the task to make sure it works exactly as intended. There is never any confusion in terms of the project development which ensures that the project goes forward smoothly. That is definitely not a standard.

– Zuzana Dobšíčková, copywriter and lecturer

I can recommend the Digihood services to anyone. I have trusted them with work on my website and I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of work and communication on their part. I was regularly informed about the progress and important tasks that were currently being done, which was very important for me. I will always go for them with my other projects.

– Ing. Jakub Žižka

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