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Tvorba vlastního eshopu

Creation of a custom eshop

Are you interested in starting your own eshop and searching for someone to do it for you? Contact with Digimasters to learn more about online sales.

I want an e-shop

Why should you choose us?

Why eshop from Digihood?

Focused on business

Our main goal is to sell, so we build eshops to attract more customers.

Fast website

The loading speed of the eshop is a key factor not only for search engine optimization, but also for clients. Well make sure the online store loads quickly.

SEO ready

At Digihood, online stores are developed in a way that appeals to search engines.

Unique design

Well make a special design thats suited to your requirements in order to make your brand awareness.


A responsive estore has content that looks great across all platforms. We remain focused on this idea.

Finetuned UX

Not everything depends on design. Equally significant is creating a userfriendly environment. The customer will not purchase if he is unfamiliar with the estore. We always take care of it.

Our eshop creation

Vlastní eshop na míru

Digihood working process.

Eshops that are fully functioning and simple to use are our standard. We provide our customers with a simple platform, the flexibility to add, remove, or change products as needed, the ability to make galleries, upload videos, accept payments, print invoices, link to any api, and many more.

The first step in creating an ecommerce website is to create a simple map with all the main sections of the website header, main body with products section, sidebar and footer. In the next stage, each of the sections is filled with content colors, text, images and icons are added.To ensure that the client is happy with the end result, we are transparent about every modification and procedure.

This is us

Our expert and skilled Digital team.

Our team is not only highly skilled , but we also complement each other very well. We have talented designers, experienced programmers, expert SEO managers and professional copywriters so we have the ability to fulfil all your website requirements.

More about Digihood

Eshop solutions

What solutions do we offer?

CMS WordPress

  • Creating an e-shop

    Creating a website on WordPress or a PHP framework is not the same, but it is totally different in performance.

  • Administration

    A big advantage of WordPress is the ready-made admin panel.

  • WordPress maintenance

    WordPress has its own admin panel, easier maintenance, and in general websites made on it are cheaper.

  • Safety

    The downside of this system is the fact that millions of people use it. So there is a higher risk of website attack

  • Price

    WordPress has its own administration, easier maintenance, and in general websites made on it are cheaper

  • Applicability

    It’s definitely not a one-size-fits-all solution

Own solution

  • Realization of the e-shop

    Crafting requires more knowledge than WordPress but has its many advantages

  • Administration

    The custom solution does not have a ready administration and it is the main reason why the price of the custom design is a little higher.

  • Application maintenance

    Even your custom solution or requirements needs to be maintained. The cost of maintaining a custom solution is higher than WordPress. For this system and programming knowledge is required.

  • Safety

    A higher level of security is provided by custom solutions.

  • Price

    Total costs tend to be higher, but this is not the rule

  • Variability

    An individual solution gives us complete freedom.

What clients say about us

Digihood references

I am happy to recommend the Digihood team. The are the people at the right place, they do not make fools out of you and the always explain everything correctly. They are true to their word and they are completely honest and serious partner and I appeciate that.

– Ferdinand Leffler, Flera s.r.o.

I can recommend the Digihood services to anyone. I have trusted them with work on my website and I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of work and communication on their part. I was regularly informed about the progress and important tasks that were currently being done, which was very important for me. I will always go for them with my other projects.

– Ing. Jakub Žižka

The guys from Digihood has always been of great support in my projects. They are true to their word. Thanks to that you can always count on them. They always double check the task to make sure it works exactly as intended. There is never any confusion in terms of the project development which ensures that the project goes forward smoothly. That is definitely not a standard.

– Zuzana Dobšíčková, copywriter and lecturer

I have two years experience with Digihood as a client. I have seen a lot in IT which is why I am so thrilled by working with them. We have built an original e-commerce site together on a WordPress platform and even though we have changed the task several times, they have always found a solution for us. They respond quickly, they are fair, reliable and the price/performance ratio is quite unique for Czech standards. I am directing all my client to them for any website build or maintenance. Whoever needs a reliable partner and does not want their website project to turn into a nightmare should become Digihoods client.

Romana Voříšková

– Romana Voříšková

Who will create the eshop for you?

Our digimasters

Digihood CEO

Josef Antoš

Digihood CEO

Josef Antoš

Senior Backend Developer

Milan Pišna

Clients eshop creation

Clients trust for a long period of time is our top priority.

We maintain abovestandard relationships with our clients and that is why continue to work with us over a long period of time.

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