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Správa webových stránek

Website management

Do you want to run a website but dont have enough time and knowledge? Our expert team is always happy to support you to design and manage your websites and to grow your business in more professional ways .

I want site management

Website management is important

Why get your website managed?

In order to be successful in your business, you need a professional website with high visits and that contributes to expanding your business, so you must take care of it. As well as if more competition in your business then it requires more management.

Every successful website needs regular updating, maintenance and especially constant addition of new content. We will be happy to help you with website management.

Digital services

What can we help you with?

Text content

We will help you with adding and updating text content, or with the regular publication of new pages or posts

Graphic content

We have a skilled team to add visuals and graphics content on your website such as images, videos, audio tracks or maps to make your website more attractive.

SEO check

We will take care to improve the ranking of your website content for search engine optimization.

Updating the website

Updating your website makes you frustrated. Dont worry! We will update them for you, ensuring that you have access to latest improvements as well as complete website functioning.

Regular updates

Regular website updates are made much easier if you own a CMS (content management system) that allows you entire website management, creation of custom pages or posts, easy addition of graphic content as well as simpler optimization for search engines.

Whom the service will help

For whom is the service designed?

Our services are designed for those clients who want to focus and grow their business but do not have enough time to maintain their own website, or do not have sufficient knowledge to maintain it effectively.

Our clients testimonials about us.

Digihood references

I can recommend the Digihood services to anyone. I have trusted them with work on my website and I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of work and communication on their part. I was regularly informed about the progress and important tasks that were currently being done, which was very important for me. I will always go for them with my other projects.

– Ing. Jakub Žižka

I have two years experience with Digihood as a client. I have seen a lot in IT which is why I am so thrilled by working with them. We have built an original e-commerce site together on a WordPress platform and even though we have changed the task several times, they have always found a solution for us. They respond quickly, they are fair, reliable and the price/performance ratio is quite unique for Czech standards. I am directing all my client to them for any website build or maintenance. Whoever needs a reliable partner and does not want their website project to turn into a nightmare should become Digihoods client.

Romana Voříšková

– Romana Voříšková

The guys from Digihood has always been of great support in my projects. They are true to their word. Thanks to that you can always count on them. They always double check the task to make sure it works exactly as intended. There is never any confusion in terms of the project development which ensures that the project goes forward smoothly. That is definitely not a standard.

– Zuzana Dobšíčková, copywriter and lecturer

I am happy to recommend the Digihood team. The are the people at the right place, they do not make fools out of you and the always explain everything correctly. They are true to their word and they are completely honest and serious partner and I appeciate that.

– Ferdinand Leffler, Flera s.r.o.

Who will take care of your website?

Our digiteam

Senior Frontend Developer

Jan Rubeš

Senior Backend Developer

Milan Pišna

Digihood CEO

Josef Antoš

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